Build 151207

  • conemu#438: No newlines in log files after prompts (cygwin/msys). Cygwin/msys shells do not write LF to screen unless they were started from ConEmu’s cygwin/msys connector. Therefore we have to do some magic to ‘detect’ line feeds…
  • Update terminals module to v0.7
  • In some cases PID of terminal-connector was not shown in the StatusBar.
  • Xterm’s alternative screen was not cleared on activating.
  • conemu#351: Allow changing URL for retrieving version location on Settings/Update.
  • conemu#351: Use by default.
  • Changes in processing of default hotkey Win+X.
    • It runs whole task contents, but not only first ‘tab’ from task;
    • If no one task was marked as ‘Default shell’, run default COMSPEC with arguments ` /k “%ConEmuBaseDir%\CmdInit.cmd”`.
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