Build 151202

  • When ConEmu was started as a child window (InsideParent) it behaves as it has no focus.
  • Ensure that all child windows are closed properly on termination (InsideParent).
  • Option ‘Activate split/pane on mouse hover’ was not working in InsideParent mode.
  • Execution of ‘-GuiMacro:PID’ was failed if ConEmu.exe was in InsideParent.
  • Don’t allow to execute ‘-GuiMacro:…’ on wrong instance.
  • Increase debugger backscroll even if it was started in ConEmu tab.
  • XTerm keys fixup (F1..F4, BackSpace, Alt+Char).
  • Disable ‘Ctrl+Backspace - delete word leftward to the text cursor’ in cygwin/msys connector. Ctrl+BS is posted as “\x1F” and it may be configured in the .inputrc as following:
# Ctrl-BS - kill word on the left
"\x1F": "\C-w"
  • ANSI: Implement ESC c - Full reset (clear screen, backscroll, move cursor to the upper-left corner).
  • ANSI: Fix errors in ESC [ *n* @ and ESC [ *n* P sequences (insert/delete characters).
  • ANSI: Support byobu status line.
  • ANSI: Fix extended attributes errors on automatic line scrolling.
  • ANSI: Implement ESC E, ESC D, ESC M sequences.
| ESC E | Same as `\r\n` |
| ESC D | Same as `\n` but preserves X coord |
| ESC M | Reverse `\n` |
Build 151205 | Build 151129
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