Build 151025

  • conemu#373: Don’t decrease window height with AutoTabs (show/hide/show/hide/…)
  • conemu#388 (conemu#295?): Don’t change buffer height for cygwin/msys versions of vim.
  • conemu#359, conemu#84: Fix vim color issues on scrolling.
  • Don’t change buffer height when starting vim with --help or --version.
  • Vim terminal mode was not finished properly on exit.
  • ANSI \e[K has not cleared rightmost cell.
  • Checkbox ‘Desktop mode’ was removed from settings.
  • conemu#336: Don’t poll Far 2.x current directories while Editor/Viewer is active.
  • conemu#17: Send WM_ENTERSIZEMOVE/WM_EXITSIZEMOVE to ChildGui during resize.
Build 151029 | Build 151015
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