Build 151015

  • conemu#21: Multi-monitor support improvements.
    • ConEmu takes into account monitor working coordinates when using same xml between different PCs.
    • ConEmu tries to guess the monitor where user want to open the window.
    • New ConEmu.exe switch -Monitor <1 | x10001 | "\\.\DISPLAY1">. Where may be specified either monitor 1-based index, or HMONITOR (hex descriptor), or monitor name. User may check these values in the ‘ConEmu About dialog’ on then ‘SysInfo’ tab (Win+Alt+A).
  • conemu#368: Fix thread handles leaks.
  • conemu#353: Jump lists were created improperly if ConEmu was started with -single switch.
  • conemu#337: Convert pasted paths to cygwin’s style if dropping files/folders from Explorer and others.
  • On paste filepath by Ctrl+V (Paste first line of clipboard) convert path to cygwin style, if active application is cygwin/msys.
  • Add <ConEmu> color scheme and use it by default (for new configs).
  • conemu#357: Fix ConEmuHk conflict with python’s TKinter dropdown control.
  • ANSI: Brightness (back/fore) was not reset in some cases. For example: \e[96mA\e[36mB - B and A had same color.
  • Implement copying colored text using ANSI sequences. The feature works like ‘Copy as HTML’ implemented before. Option on the ‘Mark/Copy’ settings page, menu item ‘Edit’ -> ‘ANSI sequences’, and GuiMacro(3). ConEmu puts to clipboard real ESC codes, so only certain editors (or shells) are able to paste these sequences. Far Manager is working nice.
  • Only active split was updated after choosing palette from DDCB.
  • Improve bCurrentThreadIsMain detection in ConEmuHk (especially for cygwin/msys forks).
  • Support ‘Drag&Drop’ from Settings/Colors page onto any place on screen (drag colored square).
  • Use v140 toolset for ConEmuHk in ConEmuHk14.vcxproj.
  • GuiMacro: TaskAdd("Name","Commands"[,"GuiArgs"[,Flags]]). Create new task and save it to settings. Example command for PowerShell:
  ConEmuC --% -GuiMacro TaskAdd "Far" @"set ""FARHOME="" & ""%ConEmuDir%\Far\far.exe"" /w /p""%ConEmuDir%\Plugins\ConEmu;%FARHOME%\Plugins"""
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