Build 151029

  • Add vertical block marker to clipboard while copying rectangular selection. Borland and Microsoft IDE-s are supported.
  • Warn if two instances of ConEmu plugin were loaded in Far Manager. If due to installation or configuration errors two dll libraries were loaded, they both will fail to work properly. So, warn user about the problem in detail, show suggestion, and stop plugin initialization.
  • Warn user if wrong version of ConEmu plugin was loaded in Far Manager.
  • conemu#364: Ignore Minimize/Restore hotkeys pressed while Quake animation is not finished.
  • Don’t try to inject hooks into ConEmuC processes.
  • Menu item ‘Active process memory dump’ did not suggested to create dump automatically.
  • Add note about maximum length of backscroll buffer (32766 lines).
  • Improve configuration detection while reusing running ConEmu instance. For example, running ConEmu -quake must not create new tab in the existing ConEmu ‘non-quake’ instance.
  • Some corrections in Single-instance logic.
  • Source file codepage was ignored in ConEmuC -t switch. NB. ConEmuC /TYPE ... or its alias ConEmuC -t ... may be used to type any text file with ANSI sequences. Check out full syntax and examples in docs: ConEmuC.html#EchoAndType.
Build 151101 | Build 151025
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