Build 151006

  • Disable old workaround for conemu#272 (revert eaaf96b). There were reports of broken redirections: conemu#341, gh#323.
  • Add <Cobalt2> default color scheme.
  • conemu#345: ‘Run as Administrator’ was crashed in some cases.
  • conemu#350: Fix slowdowns when running commands in ConEmu.
  • conemu#322: Fix crash in hooked applications while updating DefTerm module.
  • conemu#344: Fix abnormal resize of maximized window if TabBar is auto-shown.
  • DefTerm. Improve error message, version, process name.
  • Temp fix for GetEnvironmentVariable stack overflow.
  • Print handles information in ConEmuC /checkunicode.
  • Fix wrong background from ‘ConEmu Underlines’ in some cases. If “Far /e …” was started from Panels, and only ‘Editor’ coloring was enabled in ‘ConEmu Underlines’, than wrong background was painted after exit Editor Far.exe process.
  • Don’t autoclose ConEmu window while error message box is waiting user interaction.
  • ConEmuHk termination refactoring.
Build 151015 | Build 150913
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