Copying and Pasting text in ConEmu consoles

ConEmu: Selecting and pasting using mouse

ConEmu allows to select text using:

  • ‘block’ (or ‘rectangular’) selection, like real console ‘Mark’ menu item, Far Manager Alt+Ins, VisualStudio selection with Alt+Shift pressed;
  • ‘text’ (or ‘stream’) selection, like standard GUI text editors.

NB Both types of selection may be done either from keyboard or mouse.

Marked text may be copied to Windows Clipboard using simple text format or colorized HTML format ready to paste into blogs and aware editors.

And of course, pasting text either from clipboard or from selection is supported too.

NB Copying text is doing ‘from screen’, that’s why ConEmu can’t copy ‘real tab characters’ some console applications may print, because they are expanded to ‘spaces’ when they come to screen. Also, ConEmu’s selection doesn’t correspond to Far Manager editor or Alt+Ins selection.


ConEmu: Text selection and copy settings

ConEmu: text paste settings

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