Hold Shell Prompt at the Bottom

Do you want to get your cmd.exe prompt bottom aligned? On ConEmu startup and after “cls”?

Far Manager

Actually, I can’t understand why anyone use cmd as shell but not a FarManager. It’s a fast, handy and powerfull combination of:

  • command prompt (you may run any console or GUI application from its prompt, any %COMSPEC% commands, can be integrated with powershell);
  • two pane file manager (copy/move files, create directories and hard links, browse remote hosts, and so on); you have no need in file manager? are you sure you are working on your PC?
  • powerful and fast editor with syntax highlighting;
  • dozens of miscellaneous plugins for anyone taste and purpose;

Try it! Download and install into ConEmu’s folder (put far.exe near to ConEmu.exe) and run it. If you don’t need panels on startup (really?) - press Ctrl+O, Ctrl+B and save configuration changes Shift+F9. You will get command prompt with permanent history (Alt+F8).

Plain cmd.exe

OK. If you still want use plain “cmd.exe” - here is one trick using AnsiEscapeCodes.

Set up your task

cmd.exe prompt at the bottom - 1

Choose it as startup task

cmd.exe prompt at the bottom - 2

Prompt will appears at the bottom

cmd.exe prompt at the bottom - 3

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