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Disclaimer Please note, that this document has been written for a long period, and some answers may be obsolete. If you find any Q/A, which differs from other parts of documentation or the actual program behavior, please let us know via ‘Suggest better edit’ link at the bottom of the page.

Q. Can ConEmu be portable?

A. Yes. To enable portable configuration, it is enough to create an empty file ‘ConEmu.xml’ in the same directory as ConEmuC.exe or ConEmu.exe. The file may be created after ConEmu is loaded, which allows copying settings loaded from the registry to the XML file. More about xml storage…

Q. When attempting to use ‘ConEmu.xml’, the error message ‘XML setting file can not be used!’ appears

A. The error message explains itself: the interface IID_IXMLDOMDocument is not registered in the system registry. To avoid registering it, you can copy the files ‘msxml3.dll’ and ‘msxml3r.dll’ in the same directory as ConEmuC.exe or ConEmu.exe. The versions from Windows XP are preferred - they have the least dependencies, which allows them to work in Windows 2000.

Q. Can ConEmu make launched applications portable?

A. No. Such functional is not planned to implement at the moment.

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