Pause and Alternative Buffer

ConEmu is able to ‘pause’ console output in two ways.

Alternative Buffer

ConEmu may ‘freeze’ your console application output. Just press Win+A or press the ‘lock’ button on the ToolBar.

Your console application will not be paused or freezed actually, it will continue its work.

Instead, ConEmu will load the entire console back-scroll buffer in memory (that may takes few seconds in some cases) and display it.

User may scroll this output.

If any ConsoleApplication will change output in the RealConsole at that time, changes will not be displayed in ConEmu until you exit AlternativeBuffer by pressing Esc or Win+A.

Pause console applications

Also, you may press Pause key. It will pause most console applications (who just print text to ‘StdOut’). Press Pause key again to release.

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