Build 201122 (alpha)

  • conemu#2188: Fix processing of ANSI sequence to change text cursor shape. E.g. in cmd.exe prompt: call SetEscChar.cmd && echo %ESC%[1 q.
  • conemu#2159: Fix ANSI scrolling issues (Git for Windows 2.28.0-rc2 less and others).
  • Speed up git paged scrolling up.
  • ANSI: Enable XTerm output mode with ENABLE_VIRTUAL_TERMINAL_PROCESSING flag. More info:
  • Show ‘Terminal modes’ status bar column by default.
  • conemu#2130: Let installer run again on Windows XP.
  • conemu#2195: fix unexpected set of buffer height in alternative screen buffers.
  • Add full command line to output of ConEmuC /args ....
  • conemu#2199: Fix executor - extra quotation mark running commands (with trailing space) from Far Manager.
  • l10n: Polish and Russian translations were updated.
Build 201123a (alpha) | Build 201101 (alpha)
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