Build 201101 (alpha)

  • Fixes for compilation with mingw64 on Linux.
  • Add sample cmd script %ConEmuBaseDir%\Scripts\git-push-set-upstream.cmd to call git push --set-upstream ... using current local branch.
  • conemu#2191: Alt+Space - show System Menu on key down.
  • Update icon for nuget/choco packages.
  • GuiMacro: WindowMode(TWidth) maximizes window width.
  • Let Win+Left/Right, Win+Shift+Left/Right process by OS if window title/frame aren’t hidden. This allows to use FancyZones from Windows PowerToys.
  • Let’s position by default ConEmu window in a normal position, slightly away from {0,0} screen corner. If window is started at {0,0} position, than Win+Left (on Windows 10) tiles window only on height-half.
  • Fix ConEmu restore after snapping window to zone on the other monitor. If ConEmu was moved to different monitor during spanned (tiled) mode, minimize/restore moved the window to the monitor where ConEmu was in the normal mode previously.
  • conemu#2135: Try to fix dpi assertion on computer wake.
  • Fix assertion dialog and memory dump creation. Only two buttons left - Retry (creates a dump for report) and Cancel (skip the assertion). Retry button does not kill ConEmu process anymore.
  • l10n: translations were updated
  • Fix excessive resize on restore to maximized state after moving between monitors.
  • ANSI and GuiMacro: Support paused progress state (yellow indicator on Windows TaskBar). ANSI sequence ESC ] 9 ; 4 ; 4 ; pr ST or GuiMacro Progress(4, pr) where pr is a percentage 0 .. 100. ref: microsoft/terminal#3004.
  • Don’t use connector/wslbridge for Wsl by default.
Build 201122 (alpha) | Build 201011 (preview)
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