Build 200928 (alpha)

  • Internal global hotkeys refactoring + logging (ref conemu#2143).
  • Fix localized labels for hotkey related settings checkboxes, e.g. ‘Ctrl+Numbers - activate console’.
  • Fix not working AppDistinct cursor related options.
  • Show console buffer size on the Settings/Info page.
  • Show console left/top on the Settings/Info page.
  • Don’t try to run automatic update check if update error message was not closed yet.
  • conemu#2151: Don’t show injection errors if ConEmuHk was deleted.
  • conemu#2135: Fix wrong assert condition.
  • conemu#2177: Fix spare console resize on restore previously maximized window.
  • conemu#2173: Support menu localization.
  • l10n: translations were updated.
  • conemu#2118: Clink readme fix.
  • conemu#977: Add option to show Edit Menu on Right/Middle mouse button click.
  • A lot of internal changes, refactoring, unit tests.
  • Add ‘Reset terminal’ confirmation.
  • Fix ‘set var=value & {Task}’ expansion in ConEmuC.
Build 201011 (preview) | Build 200713 (preview)
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