Build 200713 (preview)

  • conemu#2009: Autoload font files from ConEmuDir/ConEmuBaseDir (fix).
  • conemu#2130: Use v141_xp toolset to build Release|x86.
  • Fix ‘Settings/Debug/Exec’ monitoring: files weren’t loaded after ‘@’.
  • Button ‘Register ConEmu autorun’ didn’t work in some cases.
  • Fix console lags and size during ConEmu cmd autoattach initialization.
  • conemu#2145: Fix crash (read access violation).
  • l10n: translations were updated
  • conemu#468: Fix for environment reload from registry (expand variables in PATH). The problem was with PATH variable, it contains substitutes %SystemRoot%, but they were not expanded during environment refresh.
  • Code refactoring.
Build 200928 (alpha) | Build 200615 (preview)
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