Build 200604 (alpha)

  • conemu#2009: Don’t register ttf files in the working directory.
  • StatusBar: Show negative (lesser than -255) process exit codes as hex. E.g. example.exe:1234 exit code 0xC0000409.
  • Hyperlinks: support one slash after protocol:. Powershell example: https:/
  • conemu#2095: Fix escaping of postponed GuiMacro scripts.
  • conemu#1994: Fix pane orders while saving opened tabs.
  • Prefer to activate during startup the console marked by ‘>’.
  • Fix opened tabs save: foregroud/background cur_console switches weren’t dropped.
  • conemu#1844: Status was not cleared after window drag in some cases.
  • conemu#2112: Polish translation in progress.
  • Fix wrong tab- and statusbar placement after dpi change.
  • conemu#275: Fix cropped scrollbar on high-dpi second monitor.
  • Warnings and UB fixes by FrankHB.
  • Set up CI with Azure Pipelines.
  • Update build system to VS2019.
Build 200615 (preview) | Build 191012 (preview)
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