Build 191012 (preview)

  • conemu#1984: Add SetFocus macro which sets keyboard focus to ConEmu ghWnd handle (by stevium). Useful for ConEmu Inside scenario, where focus needs to be set programatically.
  • conemu#1984: Complete SetParentHWND macro by adding corresponding calls to gpConEmu (by stevium). Useful for ConEmu Inside scenario in case when there’s a need for switching ConEmu parent to different HWND.
  • conemu#1072, conemu#1973: Use 32-bit color in the tab headers (by ForNeVeR).
  • conemu#1072, conemu#1973: Set up tab overlays using ImageList_SetOverlayImage (by ForNeVeR).
  • conemu#1949: Add Keyboard Input Grouping status item (by tkatz77).
  • ConEmu.l10n: Improved Japanese translation.
  • conemu#1994: Fix panes order on saving active tabs.
  • ConEmu.l10n: Update Chinese translations.
Build 200604 (alpha) | Build 190714 (alpha)
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