Build 190324 (preview)

  • conemu#1857: Fix regression in -cur_console processing.
  • conemu#1860: Support new clink dll names.
  • ANSI: Mouse mode for URXVT was not working.
  • ANSI: Implement ESC [ ! p sequence to reset terminal.
  • conemu#1852, conemu#1855: Fix ‘Show last command output’ in Far Manager (regression).
  • conemu#1851: Fix alternative buffer for OpenSSH.
  • conemu#1866: l10n: Add Japanese translation.
  • conemu#622: Unexpected left/right margins in quake mode with 100% width.
  • conemu#622: Fix window size on minimize/restore.
  • ANSI: Use \x7 as our specials terminator in logs.
  • conemu#1492: AnsiLog-s location may be specified as a folder or file with -new_console:L:"Path". Write all ANSI logs to specified file: cmd.exe -new_console:L:"C:\Logs\cmd.log". Create log files by format ConEmu-<YYYY-MM-DD>-p<SrvPid>.log: cmd.exe -new_console:L:"C:\Logs\".
  • AnsiLogs: log current system time each 500ms.
  • Hooks: Support FillConsoleOutputCharacter and FillConsoleOutputAttribute.
  • conemu#1825: Add option to enable/disable ANSI calls to WinApi functions.
Build 190326 (preview) | Build 190310 (preview)
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