Build 190310 (preview)

  • Update ChocolateyAbout.cmd to latest installation cmd.
  • conemu#1323, conemu#1385, conemu#1841: Speed up alternative buffer operations (connector).
  • conemu#1323, conemu#1385, conemu#1841: Let ‘Alternative mode’ toolbar button works with console buffers.
  • Connector: When --log is used, log current system time each 500ms.
  • conemu#463: ConEmu.exe switch -NoHooksWarn disabled external hooks checks.
  • Log duration of external hooks checks.
  • conemu#1733: Enable dark theme scrollbars with ConEmu.exe -Theme DarkMode_Explorer.
  • ANSI: Visual Bell for ESC g.
Build 190324 (preview) | Build 190303 (preview)
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