Build 180422 (preview)

  • Allow import of xml files without reset of current settings. Example with Dracula color theme:
  • conemu#1522: Exchange default behavior of Ctrl+V and Shift+Ins. Both hotkeys actions may be configured in Settings/Paste.
    • Ctrl+V inserts multiple lines from clipboard with \n inside;
    • Shift+Ins inserts all lines as single line replacing \n` with spaces.
  • conemu#1492: AnsiLog may be enabled on per-console basis via -new_console:L:"<path>", where <path> is a folder to store AnsiLog files, e.g. C:\Logs.
  • Change default folder for AnsiLog files to %UserProfile%\Desktop\ConEmuLogs.
Build 180427 (preview) | Build 180418 (preview)
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