Build 180418 (preview)

  • conemu#880: Show the name of selected shell task for Win+X hotkey.
  • conemu#1517: After postponing update the ‘Confirm closing’ dialog stucks.
  • Compact paths (%ConEmuDir%, %ConEmuCfgDir%, etc) by removing \..\ elements. E.g. C:\ConEmu\src\..\Debug\ConEmu.xml will be processed now as C:\ConEmu\Debug\ConEmu.xml.
  • conemu#1046: Don’t take into account path to xml settings storage in AppID generation if it’s a default xml. If configuration file was set by argument -LoadCfgFile "%ConEmuDir%\ConEmu.xml" and it is already the default settings location (the same without -LoadCfgFile switch), than xml path is not used in AppID generation. Note: AppID is utilized during search for appropriate ConEmu instance when -single or -reuse switch were specified.
  • By default add commented LANG variable and some aliases to ‘Environment’ settings page.
  • Hidden cursor may be displayed as inactive (option for debug purposes).
  • Add hotkey for ‘Check for updates’.
  • Add helper git-log.cmd to distro.
Build 180422 (preview) | Build 180416 (preview)
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