Build 171203 (alpha)

  • Hotkey Apps+C didn’t update ‘Hide caption always’ checkbox.
  • conemu#1329: Fix progress detection in console window title.
  • conemu#1206: correct position after こんばんはGood Evening.
  • conemu#1321: Close tabs to the right (menu, hotkey, macro).
  • conemu#1236: Proper fix for 1638b9b5 (kernel debug log to fill on Win10).
  • conemu#275, conemu#1226: Resize refactoring: dialogs, per-monitor dpi, caption-less mode etc.
  • Fix yanking while dragging the window by its contents with ‘Snap to desktop edges’ enabled.
  • Connector: Fix infinite waiting on shell exit.
  • conemu#1332: Delay in response to any keypress on connector shells.
Build 171205 (alpha) | Build 171117 (alpha)
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