Build 171117 (alpha)

  • Option ‘Dynamic scrollbar range’ was not working for not-hooked console applications (e.g. wsl.exe).
  • conemu#1306, conemu#460: Perhaps this fixes unexpected ‘Tool window’.
  • In some cases ‘underline’ and ‘reverse’ had no effect.
  • Switch -cur_console:hXXX was ignored on console restart.
  • Connector: Enable log input to file connector-XXXX-in.log with --log.
  • conemu#1317: GuiMacro SetOption("bgImage", "C:\background.jpg").
  • conemu#1051, conemu#1111, conemu#1138: Cursor position fix for Win10 after CJK glyphs.
  • conemu#1311: Connector: Input may entirely stop functioning over time.
  • conemu#1318: If checkbox ‘Support UNC paths in cmd.exe’ is not checked, rely on real registry value.
  • conemu#1271: Fix for caret position when our dialog is active.
  • conemu#1204: Get mount root prefix from connector automatically. It is used on paste paths to cygwin/msys consoles, e.g. when you paste C:\My Sources you’ll get /cygdrive/c/My\ Sources.
  • conemu#275: Fix dialog glitches moving between monitors.
  • conemu#275: Fix GUI glitches while moving ConEmu window to monitor with different DPI.
Build 171203 (alpha) | Build 171109 (preview)
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