Build 171025 (alpha)

  • connector#15: Support graphics output in some versions of mc.
  • conemu#1265: Fix crash in Windows 7 on starting elevated console.
  • conemu#1271: Update caret position to help accessibilty tools (e.g. Magnifier).
  • conemu#661: Disable ‘Close ConEmu with last tab’ if it’s prohibited. Some switches (-MinTSA, -NoAutoClose, …) tells ConEmu to stay or minimize (into TaskBar status area) instead of termination ConEmu process when all its consoles goes out.
  • conemu#1284: Globally registered (WinAPI) hotkeys may use only general modifiers (e.g. Ctrl instead of RCtrl/LCtrl).
  • Add ‘swap’ to hotkey description (Split: Exchange (swap) with …)
  • Change button name to ‘Add/refresh default tasks…’
  • conemu#1261: Improve conemu#1164 workaround (Win10 conhost bug with cleared contents on resize).
  • conemu#1288: Use ANSI to underline text. Since now, ambiguous sequences like ESC[1m, ESC[3m, ESC[4m, ESC[5m are not used to increase the brightness of background/foreground colors, instead they are used to set ‘bold’, ‘inverse’ and ‘underline’ attributes. To set bright text or background colors one may use sequences ESC [ 90…97 m or ESC [ 100…107 m accordingly.
  • Let ConEmuC -CheckUnicode output samples with extended attributes.
  • New option ‘Dynamic scrollbar range’ on ‘Appearance’ settings page. When enabled, ConEmu tries to determine filled area in RealConsole.
  • Improve -new_console description.
  • conemu#1293: LastError was erased on printf.
  • conemu#1298: Force to load .profile in WSL.
  • conemu#1291: Support wsl.exe and ubuntu.exe - turn on/off XA modes automatically.
Build 171109 (preview) | Build 170910 (alpha)
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