Build 170910 (alpha)

  • conemu#1227: Let ‘Context help’ button open corresponding page on
  • conemu#1213, conemu#1246: Clicking anywere below the prompt line caused prolonged cursor blinking. ConEmu tried to move text cursor to the clicked position, which caused numerous ‘Right arrow’ clicks. Since now ConEmu would not try to advance text cursor forward, if user clicks on the empty space (line) below the prompt.
  • conemu#1247: Button Startup dir... on Tasks settings page didn’t insert space-separator.
  • conemu#1243: GroupInput blocked input on terminals.
  • conemu#1245: When user runs ConEmu -reuse -min -run ... don’t restore existing window, but minimize it.
  • ConEmu content was erased on decreasing window height or splitting.
  • conemu#1249: Fix the gap on the right of the child GUI window, when scrollbar is set to be always shown.
  • conemu#1241: Fix crash on text selection (mouse double click).
  • conemu#1244: GuiMacro: Use SetOption to change color palettes.

    • SetOption("Scheme", "<SchemeName>") changes color palette for the whole ConEmu window
    • SetOption("VConScheme", "<SchemeName>") changes color palette for the active console

    For example, user may execute from the active shell prompt:

ConEmuC -GuiMacro SetOption Scheme "<Tomorrow>"
Build 171025 (alpha) | Build 170819 (alpha)
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