Build 160522

  • conemu#682: Multi-line paste Enter confirmation setting was not being saved.
  • conemu#681: Allow NodeJSPortable.exe to run node in the same ConEmu tab.
  • conemu#654: Feature ‘Drag ConEmu window by client area’ may be disabled on ‘Mouse’ Settings page.
  • conemu#370: Option ‘Auto save/restore opened tabs’ saved wrong split config in some cases.
  • Maximus5/conemu-inside#23: Don’t show Min/Max/Close buttons in the ‘Inside’ mode
  • StatusBar was painted using wrong ‘fade’ status in some cases (ConEmuInside).
  • ConEmu ‘Here’ and ‘Inside’ improvements (Integration Settings page). Now the command will be registered and displayed properly if ConEmu was started with special switches like -LoadCfgFile, -LngFile and others.
  • Recommended: -reuse over -single. -reuse does not enforce ‘single’ mode in the started instance.
  • conemu#573: Support ANSI sequence to set cursor style (DECSCUSR, VT520).
CSI Ps SP q - Set cursor style (DECSCUSR, VT520).
		Ps = 0  -> ConEmu's default.
		Ps = 1  -> blinking block.
		Ps = 2  -> steady block.
		Ps = 3  -> blinking underline.
		Ps = 4  -> steady underline.
		Ps = 5  -> blinking bar (xterm).
		Ps = 6  -> steady bar (xterm).
  • If ‘Multiple consoles …’ were unchecked and ConEmu window is empty (either -detached or not closed with last closed tab) than it was impossible to reuse empty window to create new console.
  • Use proper parameters for new window (e.g. started from ‘Create new console’ dialog).
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