Build 160515

  • ConEmuInside: In some cases (VisualStudio pane) ConEmu failed to detect ‘focused’ state.
  • Split settings page ‘Controls’ into ‘Keyboard’ and ‘Mouse’ (alignment pending).
  • Settings page ‘Quake style’ for pull-down related options.
  • Settings for ChildGui moved to separate page (Integration / Children GUI).
  • cmderdev/cmder#929: Fullscreen was not activated properly in some cases (part of ConEmu was obscured by TaskBar).
  • conemu#673: GuiMacro SetWindowPosSize: fix changing size w/o changing pos (by @jcsullins).
  • Was not able to use xml file from drive root. Now it’s possible to run, for example: “ConEmu -loadcfgfile Z:\ConEmu.exe”.
  • Show version stage in the Settings and About dialog titles. E.g.: ‘About ConEmu 160506 [64] {Preview}’.
  • More Settings/Debug/Exec improvements. CD was not captured in some cases, as a consequence contents of @file was not captured too. Also, @file processing is doing synchronously now.
  • Avoid using of deprecated googlecode location for version information. If user had old build of ConEmu installed, and old version location info was stored in the xml, they would fail to receive new versions. Now, old deprecated locations are ignored and ConEmu uses the default place instead.
Build 160522 | Build 160504
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