Build 151119

  • conemu#412: Failed to restore window position on secondary monitor (d3da351 regression).
  • Far Manager plugins ‘ConEmu Background’ and ‘ConEmu Underlines’ were not working on Windows 7.
  • First user palette was multiplied on sequental TabMenu calls ‘View (palettes)’.
  • On ‘Debug active process…’ always show ‘New console’ dialog. So user may run debugger in a split or even change debugger comand line.
  • Allow to set hotkeys for debugging menu items.
    • Debug active process (default is Win+Shift+D);
    • Active process memory dump;
    • Active process tree memory dump.
  • For debugger NewConsole dialog suggest ‘30%’ for split and don’t autoselect command.
  • Debugger. Switch /AUTOMINI will create sequential mini-dumps.
    • So, it may be useful for creating ‘mini snapshots’ of running application with specified time intervals. After /AUTOMINI switch user may specify interval. Milliseconds: /AUTOMINI 500 or /AUTOMINI 500ms; seconds: /AUTOMINI 5s; and minutes: /AUTOMINI 1m.
    • Create sequental dumps of 64bit PID=1234 with 500ms interval: ConEmuC64.exe /DEBUGPID=1234 /AUTOMINI 500
    • Note. Press Win+Shift+D (default hotkey) to open NewConsole dialog with prefilled command to start debugger on the active process in the active console.
  • GuiMacro: Debug(<Action>) allows to create debugger console or memory dumps.
Action=0: Debug active process (confirmation dialog with options)
Action=1: Active process memory dump...
Action=2: Active process tree memory dump...
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