Build 151115

  • conemu#415: GetLastError returned 6 after WriteFile even on success.
  • Shift+Debug active process allows to run debugger in a split. If menu item Debug active process is called with Shift key pressed, NewConsole dialog is opened (allowing to run debugger in a split).
  • ConEmuC Debugger. Don’t suggest to create MiniDump on MS_VC_THREADNAME_EXCEPTION.
  • In some cases ConEmuC64 was started as server for 32-bit root process.
  • conemu#94: Gray window on PuTTY when connected via local proxy command.
  • Correct condition for attaching console app started from ChildGui (from conemu#94).
  • conemu#419: Cygwin-friendly paths were pasted into Clink’s prompt.
  • Option ‘Suppress bells’ added to ‘Features’ settings page. It suppresses annoying bells produced by echoing char(7), Beep and MessageBeep functions. ‘Inject ConEmuHk’ is required. Instead, ConEmu window (Frame/Title and TaskBar button) will flash one time if ‘Disable all flashing’ is not checked.
  • Let palettes list (TabMenu) will not be too long. There are 25 predefined palettes now, and if user creates user-defined palettes, the menu had unhandy scrolling.
  • Detection of ‘Active process’ is almost rewritten.
    • Since now, ‘Active process’ is the last process started in console (same as before);
    • But process used to select AppDistinct options must be interactive. For example, you have defined AppDistinct settings, with palette <PowerShell> for powershell.exe and palette <ConEmu> for bash.exe and git-bash.exe. Than, palette will not be changed anymore when you just run git status from powershell’s prompt, it will be changed if only bash.exe is started directly from powershell’s prompt. That was impelemented to suppress colors flashing during non-interactive command.
  • StatusBar column ‘Active process’ shows ‘Interactive’ and ‘Plugin is loaded’.
    • Asterisk * after process name: process is reading keyboard input.
    • Sharp # after process name: ConEmu plugin is loaded in Far Manager.
  • Add ‘ConEmu Underlines’ and ‘ConEmu Background’ items to Far’s F11 menu (panels, editor, viewer).
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