Build 150701

  • Add optional ‘/Silent’ switch to suppress environment exporting messages. <pre>ConEmuC [/SILENT] /EXPORT[=CON|GUI|ALL] [Var1 [Var2 […]]]</pre>
  • conemu#193: Fix wrong condition: ‘Warn if MacType hookers are loaded’.
  • Omit ConEmuC export variables message in GitShowBranch.cmd.
  • conemu#174: Let paste to all ‘grouped input’ consoles at once.
  • Show actual hotkey instead of default Ctrl+BackSpace in Settings.
  • Vert/Horz text cursor was displayed in wrong position especially on DBCS systems.
  • Ctrl+BackSpace feature was not working on DBCS systems.
  • Redirect chocolatey downloads to github.
  • conemu#204: ConEmu hung on startup in some cases while initializing default tasks.
Build 150705 | Build 150629
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