Build 150629

  • Attach (Win+G) was not succeeded if ConEmu has different bitness.
  • Grab palette from Win+G attached consoles (Vista+) and create new if matching one was not found. These palettes ‘#Attached:XX’ are not saved automatically, but will be when user presses ‘Save settings’ button in the settings dialog.
  • conemu#193: Show hookers warning once per day.
  • Show real names for ‘Win+Number’ and ‘Win+Arrows’ on the Controls page.
  • Search for static text control in the Settings dialog was failed.
  • Issue 1977: Don’t change RealConsole height on tabs auto-show/hide, resize ConEmu window height instead.
  • Add some urls to ConEmu.nuspec (chocolatey).
  • When tabs are auto shown icon was not loaded for the first tab.
  • Environment variables export was improved (some internal fixes).
Build 150701 | The oldest build
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