There are a lot of answers in docs and existing issues

  • Do not post questions if the answer exists in docs.
  • Do not post issues if the same one has been posted already.

The answers for these questions and issues take developers’ time, and they will be, in fact, just a reposts of existing information.

Please respect other users and developers time they spent looking for solutions and writing docs!

Moreover, you will spend much less time by reading existing page, than posting new issue and waiting for the answer.

So, why do not to search?

Looking for a setting

ConEmu has a lot of settings, switches, macros, hotkeys and options…

Both Settings and Help/About dialogs has ‘Search’ field. Just open a dialog, press Ctrl+F and type sought for text. Wait a little or press Enter to do the search.

Officially maintained sources

Use official documentation and existing issues.

External sources

A lot of information exists on web.

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