ConEmu road map

There are a lot of interesting suggestions waiting to be implemented. Here are a short list.

Any help will be very much appreciated!


Unfortunately, there is not enough time for maintaining documentation and screenshots. Also, the english may be not very well :)

Existing issues

There are a lot of different issues - feature-requests or bug-reports. Many of them were already implemented and solved. But of course there is a lot of to do yet.

Horizontal scrolling

Some programs use not only vertical, but horizontal console buffer.

Current ConEmu version allows neither horizontal scrolling nor setting horizontal buffer size.

Your console application can change horizontal buffer size itself (run wmic for example) however scrolling is not possible. You can only reveal RealConsole window by pressing Ctrl-Win-Alt-Space.

TabBar theming

One of most asked questions is a TabBar theming. Issue 294 shows some details.

However it’s not possible yet. ConEmu uses standard Windows TabBar control which do not allow theming.

DirectWrite suport

There were some requests about DirectWrite font rendering. This also relates to opaque fonts on transparent background.

Better Cygwin/MSys support

ConEmu can run Cygwin and MSys applications without problems if they were properly written. However their developers, perhaps due to required Unix compatibility, are limited in some cases to Windows API. These are not ConEmu limitations, for example official Vim can use xterm-256 color schemes, but cygwin or msys Vim builds can’t.


Some portions of code must be optimized or totally rewritten :(


We hope, ConEmu is stable enough and competitive with other console emulators.

Virtual console buffer

In the current version, maximum buffer height (backscroll output history) is limited to 32766 lines (Windows console limit).

It will be nice to eliminate this limitation.

Also, restricting real console buffer to visible rect only may greatly increase speed of command execution (e.g. dir /s c:\windows).

Far Manager related

Icons in standard Far panels

Thumbnails and Tiles already work, but they are ConEmu windows which overlaps standard panels.

Configurable panels and toolbars

Something like what TCMD or TC has.

At the moment there is only one optional panel where TabBar, optional SearchBar and optional ToolBar are contained. This panel may be shown at the top or the bottom of the window.

Also there is optional StatusBar at the bottom of the window.

RTL languages

RTL is beyond my comprehension :) If RTL users think ConEmu may be better - let me know.

History and tab-autocompletion in cmd and powershell

Some users asks about any way to get it to remember history from previous sessions or get unix style tab-completion in the prompt.

That is rather complicated and must depends on the shell you are using. ConEmu is a terminal, where user may run dozens of different shells. And it is almost impossible to hardcode all possibilities.

Moreover, there are existing console solutions for these requests.

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