How to Run Shell Bare

In some cases third party software or plugins may affect normal behaviour of your shell.

And that may be not a ConEmu issue at all.

How to run specified command

Most of shells have switches to disable loading plugins or extensions. Just use them plain.

Easiest way to execute ConEmu64.exe -run ... from Win+R dialog to force proper shell command.

It’s recommended to force ConEmu’s default settings by -basic switch. Your current configuration file or registry will not be changed: ConEmu64.exe -basic -run ....

Run ConEmu from Win+R dialog

Of course you may change the ‘Command line’ on the ‘Startup’ settings page, but running ConEmu from Win+R dialog is more strict method.


Just run cmd using /D switch.

ConEmu64.exe -basic -run cmd.exe /D


Use -noprofile switch.

ConEmu64.exe -basic -run PowerShell.exe -noprofile

Far Manager

Use /p to disable plugins and /m to disable macros.

ConEmu64.exe -basic -run Far.exe /p /m
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