Windows Vista

Disclaimer Please note, that this document has been written for a long period, and some answers may be obsolete. If you find any Q/A, which differs from other parts of documentation or the actual program behavior, please let us know via ‘Suggest better edit’ link at the bottom of the page.

Q. The key combination Ctrl-Win-Alt-Space does not show the RealConsole.

A. For some reason, the first Space press is sometimes ignored by Vista. Without releasing Ctrl-Win-Alt, hit Space once more.

Q. Other console processes hang in Windows Vista.

A. The fault lies with the ConIme.exe process. It seems to be required for input of hieroglyphs (Chinese etc.) in console windows. Why is it needed, if input is done in a graphical window? Forbid its startup, or simply rename the file, e.g. to ‘ConIme.ex1’ (Safe Mode only). To forbid its startup, apply the following to your registry and reboot:

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