Grab Explorer Path

ConEmu-Maximus5 may extract current path from the last (top in Z-order) Explorer window and do ‘CD’ in the active ConEmu’s console.

Just choose desired global hotkey on the Keys & Macro Settings page.

The hotkey is global so it will bring ConEmu to the top if it don’t have focus.

‘CD’ works in most shells: cmd, powershell, Far Manager, bash (path will be converted automatically to unix-style).


There is also a GuiMacro if one needs to automate this action.

PasteExplorerPath (<DoCd>,<SetFocus>)
  DoCd: 1 - ‘CD’, 0 - paste path only
  SetFocus: 1 - bring ConEmu to the top, 0 - don't change active window
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