Build 210304 (preview)

  • conemu#2212: Fix executer in Far 1.75 (commands with redirections).
  • conemu#2249, conemu#2248: ANSI: Fix new line processing (screen issues).
  • Fix logging during ConEmuC -echo or ConEmuC -type.
  • conemu#2251: Restore WindowsXP 32-bit support.
  • Executor: Fix empty output of console app started from Far 3.0 on Windows XP.
  • Fix Far 1.75 default task name.
  • conemu#2246: Xterm child process fix.
  • Don’t try to substitute C:\ with env.vars in default tasks.
  • Remove RealConsole flickering while starting elevated tab.
  • Support ||| delimiter in single instance mode. E.g. run from .cmd file (^-escaped): start ConEmu64.exe -single -runlist ping -t ^|^|^| ping -t
  • Stop selecting with mouse on LBtnUp when cursor is out of the ConEmu window rect.
  • conemu#1413: Improve scrolling during selection text with mouse.
  • l10n: translations were updated.
Build 210312 (preview) | Build 210206 (preview)
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