Build 210128 (preview)

  • conemu#2212: Far 1.75 executor - fix run cmd scripts with space in the path, redirections or asFile specified in CreateProcess.
  • Create default tasks for all found WSL distributions.
  • Support loading tab icons for 64-bit system32 apps in 32-bit ConEmu (e.g. wsl.exe).
  • conemu#2253: Fix ‘Run as current user’ radio box l10n.
  • DefTerm: Support manual attach of the VsDebugConsole.exe console. If VsDebugConsole.exe was started outside of ConEmu without DefTerm, the process does not have ConEmuHk injected and after manual attach it could behave incorrectly on debugging program termination.
  • conemu#2250: Fix sequence ESC[3J to clear backscroll buffer.
  • l10n: translations were updated
  • DefTerm: Activate VsDebugConsole tab when new session (run/debug) is starting.
  • Reset dynamic scroll range after cls command.
Build 210202 (preview) | Build 210112 (preview)
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