Build 210109 (alpha)

  • conemu#2231: Validate shared memory on use.
  • conemu#2220: Add VsDevCmd.bat to VisualStudio default task creation search.
  • conemu#2228: return ANSICON_VER environment variable value as 189.
  • Fix save ‘Sync dir’ option of ConEmu Inside mode. Support empty (default) CD format.
  • Fix GuiMacro assertion could appear in Inside mode during startup.
  • Internal changes in ConEmuHk Inject routine (error codes -113, -115).
  • conemu#1691: Buffer keyboard sequences before writing to pty input (Connector version 1.2.9).
  • DefTerm: Prefer ConEmu inside instance when console app is running from parent window, e.g. VS debugging and ConEmu in a VS pane.
  • Ensure bitness is checked properly while injecting hooks (error -710).
  • DefTerm: fix starting python.exe from GUI idle.
  • DefTerm: Avoid RealConsole flickering while starting console app from VS without debugging.
  • DefTerm: Remove RealConsole flickering while starting debugger.
  • conemu#1952: DefTerm. Modifications were made to support VS 2019 debugging and running of console applications (native and .net). With “ConEmu Integration 2019” VS extension it’s possible now to run and debug console applications using embedded terminal.
  • conemu#2228: Implement ConEmuFeatures environment variable. It’s available only on direct requests, e.g. echo %ConEmuFeatures% but does not exist in the environment (set ConEmuFeatures will not show it). Returns a set of ConEmu::ConsoleFlags flags from ConEmu settings, e.g. “0x000082A6”.
  • conemu#947: Don’t show rcCon.right && rcCon.bottom assertion in release.
  • Change clink URL to maintained fork
  • l10n: Translations were updated, Italian translation was started.
Build 210111 (preview) | Build 201124 (alpha)
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