Build 190331 (preview)

  • conemu#1877: Option ‘Snap to desktop edges’ was broken (regression 663a216).
  • conemu#1878: Enable log in ConEmuC /c when started from Far.exe.
  • conemu#1838: Log start/stop command from Far.exe.
  • conemu#1871: Add some logs to WindowPosChaning.
  • conemu#1870: Add switch /t:<temp dir> to Setupper. Ability to specify temparary directory for msi files. So, you may specify on the ‘Update’ settings page special installer command, e.g.: "%1" /t:"C:\Temp\ConEmuFiles" /p:%3,adm /qn. If the switch /t:…` is not specified, Setupper uses:
    • TEMP environment variable;
    • GetTempPath API function if variable is not defined.
  • conemu#1851: Restore contents after return from Alternative screen was broken.
Build 190526 (preview) | Build 190326 (preview)
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