Build 180415 (preview)

  • conemu#172: Disable scrolling (mouse wheel and hotkeys) past lowest line.
  • conemu#1509: Previous focused window is incorrectly restored to focus after ‘quake’ minimization.
  • conemu#1511: ANSI: fix \n processing in emacs.
  • conemu#1510: Fix for git hangs when Inject ConEmuHk.dll option is enabled (9bce8f14e regression).
  • conemu#1512: Option ‘Restore to active monitor’ shall not override unchecked ‘Restore inactive window by hotkey’.
  • Show options ‘Restore inactive window by hotkey’ and ‘Restore to active monitor’ on the ‘Quake style’ page.
  • When ScrollBar is always shown (in settings) don’t hide it in alternative (xterm) mode.
  • Improve OS information in About/SysInfo and log.
Build 180416 (preview) | Build 180411 (preview)
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