Build 180408 (preview)

  • Add ‘Interface language’ field to ‘Fast configuration’ dialog.
  • New first page ‘General’ in the ‘Settings’ dialog contains several most used options and language selection.
  • Default update channel now is the same as downloaded release (stable/preview/alpha).
  • conemu#1404: Update Far Manager panels dragging cursor hotspot.
  • conemu#1484, conemu#701: Menu item ‘New console dialog…’ in the tab and system menus.
  • conemu#1402: Add debug assertions for troubleshooting.
  • conemu#1420: Option ‘Restore inactive window by hotkey’ to change Minimize/Restore behavior, new default is ‘if out of focus, minimize instead of focus’.
  • conemu#751: Minimizing ConEmu (Quake animation) should return focus to the previous window.
  • conemu#1502: Text cursor disappear when use default {Bash::MinGW bash} task.
  • conemu#1501: Add cursor position test to ConEmuC -CheckUnicode.
  • conemu#1494: Add <Babun> color scheme.
  • Update Connector modules to v1.2.5.
Build 180409 (preview) | Build 180318 (alpha)
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