Build 180309 (preview)

  • Tab tooltip was not shown for Far editor/viewer tabs.
  • Ellipsis was not shown for long tab titles.
  • conemu#1440: Fix error dialog when toggling ‘Show buttons (toolbar) in tab bar’.
  • Workaround for unexpected WINDOW_BUFFER_SIZE_EVENT appeared after console scrolling.
  • Installer: readme.txt in the ConEmu\Scripts folder.
  • conemu#1466: ANSI FG/BG reset codes did not reset bright intensity.
  • Settings/Environment was not saved properly (last new line was stripped).
  • Write to ANSI Log calls to certain console WinAPI functions. Example: ^[]9;11;"cmd.exe: SetConsoleCursorPosition(0,0)"^[\.
  • In some cases output of certain tools was printed as ‘black on black’. Ref: Related?: conemu#1342
  • conemu#1393, conemu#1469: Fix jumbled output from git log/diff, reverse scrolling speed.
  • conemu#1366: Mouse cursor was not updated while hovering over ChildGui.
Build 180318 (alpha) | Build 180206 (alpha)
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