Build 180130 (alpha)

  • Use internal XML parser instead of msxml3.dll.
  • conemu#1369, conemu#1406: Resize refactoring; refactoring of ideal/stored normal rect.
  • conemu#1426: Fix resize glitches if TabBar was set to ‘Auto show’.
  • conemu#1410: Correct TabBar height if system DPI was set to custom value.
  • conemu#1404: Resize Far Manager panels separately. If mouse cursor is over panels bottom edge at center - resize panels heights simultaneously, otherwise - resize panels separately.
  • Rename option to ‘Adjust font size for monitor DPI’.
  • Don’t print download progress: ConEmuC.exe -download -nolog ....
  • Erase deleted Tasks/Palettes/AppDistinct options from xml file on save.
Build 180131 (alpha) | Build 180114 (alpha)
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