Build 170517 (alpha)

  • conemu#1039: Use Win+Shift+G as default hotkey for ‘Attach to…’ action.
  • Add option ‘Leave opened’ in the ‘Attach to…’ dialog (Win+Shift+G). Would be useful to examine output of some long running script after it finishes.
  • conemu#1098: Add ‘Rename tab’ option for ‘Double click on tab’.
  • Use ‘Rename tab’ as default option for ‘Double click on tab’.
  • conemu#1097: Don’t count ‘System’ process as running process (close confirmation).
  • Cross-click closing confirmation was not shown if ‘Confirm tab’=Off and ‘Confirm window’=On.
  • Detach improvements:
    • GuiMacro: Detach(3) for seamless updating from Chocolatey
    • Try to set the console font to same size as ConEmu uses
    • No debug assertions
  • GuiMacro: Close(2) is asynchronous now. This is because of GuiServer thread waiting for synchronous macro completion, but this thread is required to be terminated when ConEmu window is closing…
  • Use Win7 TaskDialog for ‘Add default tasks’ confirmation.
  • DefTerm: Take into account xml file specified by -loadcfgfile switch. Default Terminal options have to be saved by ‘Apply’ button on the settings page.
  • conemu#661: When ConEmu started with ‘-Detached’ switch (implied by DefTerm in some cases) option ‘Close ConEmu with last tab’ was unchecked. If old behavior is required, the switch ‘-NoAutoClose’ may be used.
  • Admin shield was not shown on TabBar if ConEmu was started under Admin.
  • Real console font size dialog: show hint if created font height differs.
  • conemu#1012, conemu#1121: Dirty workaround for AVDefender/Bitdefender bug raising a crash in the RegQueryValueEx. Warning! ConEmu physically can’t fix 3rd-paty bugs! This commit just skips process bitness detection if we already may be sure about it. But the bug/crash may appear in some other situations, so it’s better to report the problem to the authors.
  • conemu#156, conemu#805: Detach powershell console during Chocolatey’s update ConEmu package.
  • conemu#1135, conemu#1021: Create default tasks for Visual Studio 2017 and x64 targets.
  • conemu#1051, conemu#1111, conemu#1138: Workaround for Windows 10 bug with cursor position after CJK glyphs (Also: conemu#1083, conemu#1096).
  • conemu#1051, conemu#1111, conemu#1138: More Win10 bug workarounds (cursor position after CJK).
Build 170605 (alpha) | Build 170402 (preview)
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