Build 170118 (preview)

  • Pasted paths to WSL bash were not converted to Unix style (/mnt/…).
  • connector#10: Unicode \u23CE ⏎ character preceding every prompt in ConEmu. Ref: conemu#586, Maximus5/connector#10, fish-shell/fish-shell#789 Check: Maximus5/connector#19
  • ConEmu’s echo and type commands were cropped sometimes. If RealConsole (conhost window) was created larger than expected by ConEmu GUI, than echo and type printed text using this larger size and after shrinking conhost window (up to Windows 8.1) part of data was cropped.
  • conemu#451: Support multi-line (wrapped) hyperlinks (URLs) for Ctrl+Click.
  • conemu#986: Don’t change prompt text cursor position by LClick above the prompt.
  • conemu#1007: Add more logging to mouse wheel processing.
  • Moving some prompt features to GUI (Click & CtrlBS). Ref: conemu#986, conemu#317, conemu#845 Now ‘Change prompt text cursor position with Left Click’ and ‘Ctrl+Backspace - delete word leftward to the text cursor’ are process by ConEmu GUI without posting command to ConEmuHk. The feature requires properly reported by the shell prompt start pos. For bare cmd.exe it’s done automatically by ConEmuHk. All other shells must report the start of the prompt with ANSI.
    • For example, while using bash and connector you may add to the end of your PS1 the following sequence: \[\033]9;12\007\].
  • Improve hyperlink detector on ‘git diff’ outputs.
  • conemu#1007: Disable ENABLE_QUICK_EDIT_MODE by default.
  • Add logging of console mode changes.
  • Improve hyperlink detector on #include-s with absolute paths.
Build 170227 (preview) | Build 161206 (stable)
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