Build 161203 (stable)

  • StatusBar. new column ‘Cell Info’ shows information about cell under cursor: UCS & ConAttr. CellInfo is turned on by default in ‘-basic’ mode to simplify bugreporting.
  • conemu#809: Support mount root for unix-path conversion. ConEmu tries to choose mount root automatically, if user have not defined it explicitly with ‘-cur_console:m:/mnt’ switch. For example, to use ‘/cygdrive’ just run your console with switch: ‘-cur_console:m:/cygdrive’.
  • In some cases ConEmu window was closed unexpectedly during initialization. That happend if delay between consoles initialization was greater than first console run duration. So, ConEmu was closed before second console process was created.
  • conemu#943: Rename option to ‘Change mouse cursor if busy’.
  • Add switch ConEmuC -IsRedirect to determine if CONOUT is redirected.
  • Force enable mouse events processing in KeyEvents.
  • conemu#964: Let default {Far} task load plugins from FARPROFILE.
  • conemu#927: Appropriate behavior while posting chars with AltGr pressed. Example: print("*") when Lithuanian keyboard layout is selected.
  • Support clickable links like ‘example-protocol://someurl’. Origin:
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