Build 161009a (stable)


  • conemu#896: Fix regression: cygwin/msys process creation was broken.


  • GuiMacro: Allow {Task} arguments in Shell function.
  • Reuse previous palette on Unfasten/Re-Attach.
  • conemu#888: Allow to use ConEmu as default console in third-party applications.
  • DefTerm. Reinit some functions in SetAllHook
  • conemu#830: Fix: Significant dwm.exe CPU time when renamed ConEmu tab is active.
  • conemu#886: Settings / Integration: When ‘Shift’ is pressed during ‘Register’ button click, ConEmu’s ‘Here’ and ‘Inside’ items are registered as ‘extended’ menu items, and they are shown by Explorer only when ‘Shift’ is pressed.
  • Show process startup time in SysInfo and LogFiles.
  • Far macro emulating Ctrl+Number on LCtrl+Shift+Number keypress.
Build 161022 (stable) | Build 161002
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