Build 160904

  • GuiMacro: Detach(1) didn’t disable confirmation.
  • conemu#841: Support COMMON_LVB_REVERSE_VIDEO console attribute.
  • gitextensions/gitextensions#3263: Inside mode: Don’t run console ‘As Admin’ if Shift is pressed.

    Remove ambiguous option to run started elevated console (Run As Admin). If ConEmu was started by some shortcut with Shift key, user faced the unexpected UAC confirmation.

    If user want to run elevated console, they may use special Task with -cur_console:a switch. Example: {cmd (Admin)}.

    If developer want to run ConEmu console in elevated mode, they may add -cur_console:a switch after -run switch. Example: ConEmu.exe -run cmd.exe -cur_console:a /k <some command>.

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