Build 160605 (preview)

  • User was enable to enter list of executables on AppDistinct settings page (regression).
  • Option ‘New window’ in the create new console dialog started ConEmu with wrong arguments (no xml, etc.)
  • DefTerm. Option ‘Register on OS startup’ did not use specified xml file.
  • conemu#698: Fix crash on copy selected text in HTML format if raster font is used.
  • Fix conditon for <BS> key posting (ref: conemu#641).
  • conemu#667: Alt+GrayPlus+HexNumbers changes.
    • Alt+GrayPlus is bypassed to Far Manager by default. User still may set up explicit hotkey for ‘Start Alt+Number mode’ action.
    • Option ‘Alt+NumpadAdd - unicode hex codebase’ on the ‘Keyboard’ page (has no effect in Far Manager).
  • conemu#629: Try to enable xterm keyboard emulation automatically (BashOnWindows).
Build 160607 (stable) | Build 160529
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