Build 160403

  • ComSpec setting page moved under DefTerm.
  • Avoid attempt to hook DefTerm from multiple processes in Aggressive mode.
  • Improve logging of DefTerm internals.
  • conemu#604: Some improvements on cmd automatic attach. The method may be registered on the ‘ComSpec’ settings page. However, it’s not a recommended option, because ConEmu has very slight control over it, and even the logic ‘when we need to attach or not’ is fuzzy.
  • conemu#604: Registration buttons were not processed properly on ConSpec settings page.
  • Corrections in -new_console switch trimming procedure.
    • The space was not trimmed in /C "C:\Temp\run.cmd -cur_console:o".
    • Unexpected assertion removed in /C "C:\Temp\run_pause.cmd "-cur_console:o""
  • Don’t run the command started by Shift-Enter from Far Manager via ConEmuC.exe. If one needs the command to be started in new ConEmu tab, than install the Macro: ConEmu/Far3_lua/ConEmu.ShiftEnter.lua.
  • Don’t bypass MouseMove events to Far Menus when selection modifiers are pressed.
  • conemu#621: Try to mimic standard Windows Alt+Numbers behavior.
Build 160403a | Build 160329
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